TWICE Tease Upcoming 'Yes or Yes' Album With Spooky New Video: Watch

Courtesy photo.

Twice's teaser video for "YES."

Vivacious K-pop nonet TWICE are returning on Nov. 5 with their sixth EP Yes or Yes, and they just released a short snippet of what the title track’s going to sound like.

In a short video released today (Oct. 28), viewers were introduced to a creepy, tree-surrounded alleyway before being guided by Jeongyeon in a car towards TWICE Square. After, Mina introduces the song as the members appear on screen, saying, "Hey boy, look, I'm going to make this simple for you. You got two choices: Yes, or yes."

The video ends with a brief hint of the song, which promises to be a high-energy electro-pop track in the nature of TWICE’s “color-pop” styling.

The new teaser video follows a variety of imagery featuring TWICE’s nine members, as well as the album’s tracklist, which revealed that Yes or Yes will feature a total of seven songs from the girl group.  

While the title track of the album was written by Shim Eunji, David Amber and Andy Love, the Yes or Yes EP promises some surprises, like the Kim Petras-penned "Young & Wild" and a Korean version of "BDZ," originally released in Japanese by the group in August. Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung and Jihyo are each credited with writing the lyrics of songs on the album.

Yes or Yes follows a busy year for the girl group, which saw them release two Korean EPs and their first Japanese LP.  Both April's What Is Love? and July's Summer Nights debuted within the Top 5 of the World Albums chart, while 2018 has seen six TWICE songs break into the Japan Hot 100.

Though the bright sound of “Yes or Yes” seems anachronistic from the daunting "Welcome [to] TWICE Square" teaser video and will be released after Halloween, the spooky video clip is no surprise from a girl group who got its start with a debut music video for "Like Ooh-Ahh" in 2015 that was full of zombies, and then followed it up the next year with a Halloween-themed video for "TT."

TWICE’s “ONCE Halloween” fanmeet in Seoul today in celebration of their third anniversary continued the theme, and saw the group dress up in a variety of cinematically-inspired costumes ranging from The Corpse Bride to Spirited Away’s No Face. While the group hasn’t shared any pictures officially on their social media yet, their loyal ONCE fans who attended the event have.