iKON Talk 'Goodbye Road,' 'New Kids: The Final' & Upcoming World Tour: Watch the Interview

Korean boy band iKON released New Kids: The Final, the last of their New Kids album trilogy, on Oct. 1 and promptly saw major success with the single “Goodbye Road.” The EP peaked at No. 5 on the World Albums chart -- one of their five albums to make it into the top five of that chart.

The group’s seven members sat down with Billboard to discuss the album and the New Kids series, as well as slowing things down for “Goodbye Road.”

“We like to try new things,” says Bobby. “We’ve mostly done hip-hop, not this kind of genre, so it was fresh. We loved it, we enjoyed it.” B.I, who writes much of the act's music, said iKON does “all genres” and later said that the group hopes people feel “young and wild and free” after listening to the New Kids songs.  

The group also teased an upcoming world tour, with Jay (aka Jinhwan) saying, “We’re also currently going around the world and having concerts. We want to do it next year as well,” and talked about some of their favorite songs and their childhood aspirations.

Watch iKON’s interview above.