BoA Releases Female-Focused 'Woman' Music Video: Watch

BoA 'Woman'
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BoA, "Woman"

South Korean pop diva BoA returned Wednesday (Oct. 24) with her ninth album, Woman, and a powerful title track of the same name.

A groovy dance-pop track, “Woman” layers BoA's soaring, raspy vocals over rhythmic bass line and bright synths. A steady beat resonates throughout the track, emulating the sound of a woman walking in heels.

During a showcase in Seoul, BoA spoke about the inspiration behind “Woman. “I know there are times when women feel less confident as they get older,” she said. “So I wanted to share a message of finding our own definition of beauty, and not the one society imposes on us, and becoming confident and great women. My friends and I talk about how we tend to focus on the negative aspects of ourselves when we have so many positive attributes. Because of this, I wanted to express my idea of a confident woman as being someone who focuses on her strengths and making herself a better person rather than dwelling on her weaknesses and trying to become like someone else.” She’s explored the topic of female empowerment on singles in the past, most notably on her 2005 single "Girls on Top" and an album of the same name.

The song was released through a dramatic music video featuring BoA as a leader of women while she performs her characteristically powerful choreography backed by a team of dancers. Some on social media have noted similarities between the video and some of Beyoncé's work, with certain shots and outfits appearing to emulate those in "Formation," while the baseball-bat sequence recalls "Hold Up."

The lyrics of the single were written by BoA, who also had a hand in composing and/or writing lyrics for five other tracks on Woman. A cohesive album that flits between lushly produced dance tracks, the prominent K-pop star revels in vibrant pop from the start of "Woman" until the last note of the retro-inspired "I Want You Back." 

Her ninth Korean LP, Woman comes 18 years after BoA's first album ID; Peace B in 2000. One of South Korea's most impactful pop stars, she made her Billboard 200 debut with her self-titled English album BoA in 2009, when the project peaked at No. 127. Earlier this year, her first-ever EP One Shot, Two Shot went to No. 7 on the World Albums chart.

Watch the music video for “Woman” here: