Stray Kids Look Inward on 'I Am You' EP: Watch the Single's Music Video

Stray Kids "I am YOU"
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Stray Kids, "I am YOU"

K-pop act Stray Kids returned Monday (Oct. 22) with the latest in their identity-focused I am album series, dropping their I am YOU EP and a title track of the same name.

The seven-song album follows their prior two thematic EPs released earlier this year -- March's I am NOT and August's I am WHO -- both of which appeared on the World Albums chart upon their releases. I am YOU furthers the young boy band’s exploration of self, leading off with the duo of title-related intro tracks “YOU.,” a brief, impactful intro that incorporates frenzied alt-rock instrumentals, and the single.

“I am YOU” is a stimulating, emotive take on rap-heavy electro-pop and revels in dramatic guitar riffs and hi-hat heavy beats. It, like all of the album’s tracks, was co-written by the group’s trio of songwriters 3RACHA, also known as members Bang Chan, Changbin and Han, and lyrically explores the relationship between two people who find themselves in one another. "My question and your answer fit like puzzle pieces," raps Han. "We're finding the overlapping parts of our problems."

Throughout the rest of the album’s tracks, Stray Kids’ songs play with a wide range of genres, such as pop-rock on “My Side,” woozy hip-hop on “N/S” and drum and bass on “0325.”  

“I am YOU” was released through a music video that picked up where the plot of the one for “My Pace” picked up, showing some discarded security cameras which had footage featured in the other video. It transitions the pack of leaders into a group of sentimental kids hanging out with one another, melancholically singing about finding you in me, and interspersing it with group shots of the nine members performing the point-focused choreography.

Watch the music video for “I am YOU” here: