FTISLAND's Lee Hong Gi Teams Up with BTOB's Jung Ilhoon on 'Cookies': Watch the Music Video

Lee Hong Gi "Cookies"
Courtesy Photo

Lee Hong Gi featuring Ung Ilhoon of BTOB, "Cookies"

Lee Hong Gi, the lead vocalist of Korean pop-rock band FTISLAND, is back Thursday (Oct. 18) with the new single “Cookies” from his new EP Do n Do.

Inspired by a nickname for the bonus post-credit scenes in films, “Cookies” is an emotive electro-pop track quite different from Lee’s typical fare within FTISLAND. Forgoing boisterous pop rock for a sprightly dance track, it’s full of positive messaging about things getting better in the future, or after the plot of life’s current state appears to be finished.

BTOB’s Jung Ilhoon lends his deep tone as a featured rapper, joining Lee in thinking positively about the ups and downs of life, and expressions of looking forward to being happy after falling down. “You should wait for cookies,” Lee whispers in the last few moments of the single, ending the upbeat track on a mellow, hopeful note.

During a press conference in Seoul, Lee reportedly said that the song’s uplifting message is what he wanted to share with his fans ahead of his impending enlistment in the South Korean military next year.

The song's music video, like the track itself, is cinematically-inspired, and features Lee as an astronaut traveling along the paths of life amid farmland. Jung acts as a manager of sorts, and the two meeting as otherworldly events start to take place. It includes a rarity, with Lee dancing to set choreography, something he has shied away from as FTISLAND’s lead vocalist.

“Cookies” was preceded by the release of “I Am” with rapper Cheetah earlier this month. It and “Cookie” are two of six tracks on Do n Do, along with “Come To Me” featuring SF9’s Zu Ho and “Bonfire” with rapper DinDin. The album is Lee’s second solo EP outside of his work with FTISLAND, and follows this summer’s release of the band's sixth Korean EP What If. That album went to No. 14 on the World Albums chart dated Aug. 11.

Watch it here: