GOT7's Youngjae & Jimin Park Release 'I'm All Ears' as Part of Youth Suicide Prevention Campaign

Youngjae Got7 Jimin Park I'm All Ears
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Youngjae of Got7 and Jimin Park, "I'm All Ears"

“I’m all ears,” croon GOT7’s Youngjae (Choi Young-jae) and Jimin Park, two young K-pop stars who released a comforting pop-ballad on Monday (Oct. 15) as part of a larger suicide prevention campaign taking place in South Korea.

Run by the Life Insurance Social Philanthropy Foundation of Korea, “I’m All Ears” is the second song to be released as part of the Ready to Listen project. Its release follows that of Dok2 and MK’s emotive hip-hop track “Ready to Listen” in September. Both seek to connect with those struggling with dark thoughts and mental health issues. “Don’t think that you are alone,” sing the GOT7 pair on their new song. “You can talk to me. I’m all ears.”

According to Soompi, along with Park and Youngjae’s release, the campaign launched a mobile counseling system also called “I’m All Ears.”

The song was released through a music video that features the pair of vocalists recording the track together. Youngjae and Park are labelmates under JYP Entertainment. Check out the video below.

"I made a meaningful song together with Youngjae," wrote Park on Instagram alongside an image of the duo. "I hope your hearts can become warm by listening to the song."

Youngjae shared screenshot of the song on a digital music platform on Instagram, and wrote, "Let's cheer up everyone, I'm all ears [for you]."

South Korea has an increasing suicide rate and death by suicide is the highest cause of death among teenagers and young people in the country between the ages of 9 and 24. The Korean music world was shaken last December with the passing of singer-songwriter Kim Jonghyun, a member of SHINee, at the age of 27. This year has seen an uptick of discussions and performances aiming to raise mental health awareness from among the entertainment industry, and Jonghyun's family setting up a foundation aimed at helping young artists struggling with their careers and mental health.