Fromis_9 Return With Explosive 'Love Bomb' Video

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Fromis9, "Love Bomb"

With a high-energy electro-pop track, K-pop girl group Fromis_9 are back with their latest single. “Love Bomb” was released on Wednesday (Oct. 10) and fronts their From.9 single album.

With a quirky melody full of electronic blips and building percussion, “Love Bomb” sees the nonet shifting their sound a bit, moving away from the overly saccharine sound they’ve featured on past songs and adding a more confident, matured vibe while still expressing bright exuberance. There’s an undertone of excitement building throughout the track’s verses and its sassy rap bridge, making way for the hyperactive chorus where the repetition of “Love Bomb” is eventually layered with soaring harmonies in the finale.

For a girl group that proved during a special stage at KCON 2018 LA that they have an edge to them that we have yet to see through their singles, “Love Bomb” is a move in the right direction that keeps Fromis_9 still firmly in a sweet, safe place while putting forth more dramatic, expressive vocals.

“Love Bomb” is the first song to feature the act as a full nine-member act after Jang Gyu-ri was absent from their June release “DKDK” due to her participation in the television competition show Produce 48.  

The song was released alongside a bubbly music video that shows the members on the verge of exploding from bombs, rockets, and sparklers as they play around while singing about their dynamic, "love bomb" of a love. Switching between a variety of classic and retro looks as they stave off explosions while playing games and in space, the girl group performs the song's animated choreography backed by cartoonish explosions.

The new single album also features two other tracks, the jazzy "Dancing Queen" and the groovy "Coloring." On the physical version of the album, it also features updated versions of their releases "DKDK" and "22 Century Girl" that feature all nine members.

Fromis_9 was formed through the South Korean television show Idol School in 2017. 

Watch the music video for Fromis_9’s “Love Bomb” here: