GFriend Release Dreamy Music Video for Japanese Single 'Memoria': Watch

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Gfriend "Memoria"

K-pop girl group GFriend released their first original Japanese single “Memoria” this week. It will be released through the Memoria /Time for the Moon Night single album on Oct. 10. 

An effervescent dance track, "Memoria" returns GFriend to the sweet synth-pop style they favored on early releases, blending the group’s power vocals with airy melodies. The track leads with plinking synths and gentle instrumentals before building into a majestic, tempo-shifting choral climax introduced by bright strings and graceful harmonies as the six women let their vocals soar. 

The music video for “Memoria” was released on Wednesday (Sept. 19). Vibrant and brightly hued, it features the six members of GFriend as they dream away their days, before waking up in a slightly changed world full of glitter, art, angels, and more before they all come together atop of a roof. For the choreography scenes, the members don a variety of tartan-patterned dresses as they perform the sweeping, ballet-inspired routine.

“Memoria” is GFriend’s third single of 2018 following April's "Time for the Moon Night" and July's "Sunny Summer." It marks GFriend’s shift into the J-pop market, which they announced earlier this year. The Memoria / Time for the Moon Night single album will feature both the new single and a remake of the older one in Japanese, plus instrumental versions of both songs. 

Watch the music video for “Memoria” here: