GOT7 Sings New Single 'Lullaby' in Four Languages: Watch the Music Video

GOT7 "Lullaby"
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GOT7, "Lullaby" 

K-pop septet GOT7 released their new single “Lullaby” on Monday (Sept. 17) -- all four versions of it.

The boy band released their latest song in not one or two or three languages, but in Korean, Mandarin, Spanish and English. A funky house and synth-pop hybrid, the track bounces around between groovy verses before exploding with its bass-heavy chorus, creating a modern-day “Lullaby” as the group’s vocalists let loose with soaring belts, especially Youngjae and Jinyoung. 

During a press conference in Seoul on Monday, the group explained that they released the quartet of versions as a nod to their international fanbase, known as iGOT7 or Ahgase. “We further realized the importance and love of fans all around the world during our world tour,” said Jinyoung. “We do read comments on the Internet, but feeling the fans’ energy at the concert is completely different. We felt like we could communicate directly with fans by speaking in their languages, so we decided to record our title track in four different languages.”

The single was released with a fantastical music video full of magical effects, like Mary Poppins-esque real-world animation and a flying car straight out of Harry Potter, as the members of GOT7 interact with a variety of scenes and worlds before they come together to perform the track’s sleek, seductive choreography.

“Lullaby” leads GOT7’s Present: YOU album, which also features solo tracks from each of the seven members. Prior to the album’s release, the act released individual music videos for each song. Each of the seven men had a hand in writing their own solos, and at least one member played a role in every song aside from the single, which was written by the Full8loom production team.

Present: YOU is GOT7's third LP and their second album of 2018, following March's Eyes on You EP. That album went to No. 2 on the World Albums chart and was accompanied by a world tour that landed the group on the Hot Tours list for the first time ever, after their LA show grossed $1.3 million. 

Watch the music video for the Korean version of “Lullaby” here: