Park Jimin Explores Her Sense of Self with 'jiminxjamie' EP: Watch the Music Video for 'April Fools (0401)'

Jimin Park April Fools
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Jimin Park, "April Fools"

Park Jimin, one half of the K-pop duo 15&, released her second EP on Tuesday (Sept. 4). jiminxjamie is a five-song album fronted by the single “April Fools (0401).”

The album overall is an intimate piece from Park, with the title reflecting her dual identity as both Park Jimin and Jamie Park. It kicks off with the lead track, the woozy “April Fools,” one of the album’s four songs co-written by the Korean singer.

An alt R&B tune that incorporates trap beats, the single thrives on Park’s emotive tone as she vacillates between airy, deadpan verses and the expressive, almost mournful chorus. In the music video for “April Fools,” Park sings as she maneuvers her former lover, who she's killed in rage. She playacts a relationship with the corpse Weekend At Bernie's style, and manipulates his text messages to another paramour before things end in a haunting way.

The lead track leads into the groovy “Do You?,” an R&B-pop track featuring rapper OLNL and the lush, vibrant “Count You Out,” which layers Park’s vocals into a call-and-response-style song rebuffing an ex. The EP’s fourth track “PUTP (Pick Up the Phone)” is a joint effort from the M.O.L.A crew which Park is a part of, and features Kino of Pentagon, Woodz, and Nathan, the latter of whom co-wrote "Do You?" “PUTP” is funky hip-pop track with a pulsating beat and driven by flute and brassy instrumentals that bounce around as the quartet plays around with one another, going so far as to even reference Pentagon’s recent hit “Shine.” The album closes out on the ambient pop-ballad “Stars,” produced by LambC.  

iiminxjamie is Park’s second EP, following 2016’s 19 to 20, which debuted at No. 11 on the World Albums chart upon its release. She started her career in 2011 through the competition show K-pop Star and came in first, gaining the opportunity to sign with JYP Entertainment. In 2012, she released her first single as part of 15&, and released her first solo song "Hopeless Love" in 2015.

Watch the music video for “April Fools” here: