INFINITE's Nam Woohyun Releases Tender Music Video 'If Only You Are Fine': Watch

Nam Woohyun's music video for "If Only You Are Fine"
Nam Woohyun's music video for "If Only You Are Fine"

Nam Woo Hyun of K-pop boy band INFINITE has released his second EP, Second Write.. fronted by “If Only You Are Fine.”

The single is a stirring ballad that thrives on the singer’s expressive vocals as he reflectively sings about a relationship that’s losing its romantic momentum, relaying the vibes of a love song while simultaneously acting as a break-up track.  

“If Only You Are Fine” was co-written by Nam with the production team 7six9 music, and is his first single since 2016’s “Still I Remember.” 

The song was released through a music video that portrays Nam and a woman as a couple who vacillate between tender, loving moments and those that show the growing distance between the pair.

Nam, typically known by the mononym Woohyun, is one of INFINITE’s primary vocalists, and has been with the K-pop group since its start in 2010. His is the second solo album released by a member in 2018, following Kim Sung Kyu’s 10 Stories in February plus a concert album earlier this month; INFINITE last returned with Top Seed in January fronted by the single "Tell Me." The group's members are currently focusing on their individual careers in a variety of entertainment fields as Kim began his mandatory service in South Korea's military in May.  

Woohyun's latest album comes over two years since Write.. was released in May 2016. Write.. peaked on the World Albums chart at No. 9 on the tally dated May 28, 2016.

Along with the single, Second Write.. features seven other songs including the groovy “I Swear” featuring fellow INFINITE member Dongwoo and the nostalgia-evoking pop-rock track “Smile” with Jungmo of TraxX. Along with the single, Nam co-wrote "You're My Lady" and "I Love You," the latter of which he said is inspired by his fans.

Watch the music video for Nam Woo Hyun’s “If Only You Are Fine” below.