Shinhwa Celebrates 20th Anniversary With 'Kiss Me Like That' Video: Watch

SHINHWA Kiss Me Like That
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SHINHWA, "Kiss Me Like That"

Korean boy band Shinhwa released a special single to commemorate their 20th year together on Tuesday (Aug. 28).

Groovy and minimalistic, “Kiss Me Like That” serves up sultry vibes from the legacy act, the members of which deliver lush vocals and seductive raps over a rhythmic melody. Gentle beats, smooth brass, and hypnotizing strings drive the tune towards its titular choral hook. “Kiss Me Like That” is the act’s first original release of 2018.

The song's music video features the six members of Shinhwa awash in orange hues -- a nod to their fandom Shinhwa Changjo, which has historically identified with bright orange -- as they interact within nostalgia-evoking bar and club scenes aboard a cruise ship. As each men focus on the object of their affection, they switch off between dancing with partners and performing the track's interpretive choreography.

The video ends with a fireworks and Shinhwa partying it up, fitting for a celebration of their two decades in the industry. One of SM Entertainment’s ‘90s-era boy bands, Shinhwa is the longest-running K-pop boy band after getting their start in May 1998 with the release of "Resolver." They currently operate as a group under their own management at Shinhwa Company.

“Kiss Me Like That” fronts Shinhwa’s special anniversary EP Heart, which features five other songs including the groovy house track “In the Air” featuring Yoonmirae and album closer "Don't Leave Me," co-written by Pentagon's Hui. The anniversary celebrations kicked off in March by the group remaking their music video for their 2000 single "All Your Dreams.”

Watch the video for “Kiss Me Like That” below.