Watch Dynamic Duo Discuss Teamwork, Career & Music

KCON 2018 LA got a taste of one of South Korea’s most prominent hip-hop acts earlier this month thanks to Dynamic Duo. Two of the best-selling rappers in South Korea and the heads of Amoeba Culture, Dynamic Duo have propelled much of the current state of hip-hop in the county. The pair have been together since childhood and spoke to Billboard a bit about their career and their music.

Together for more than two decades, there are a few factors that keep the pair working with one another. "First of all, friendship," says Gaeko. "Secondly, because we make good money if we stick together. And most importantly because doing music together, while it's work, it feels like play."

Dynamic Duo's sound vacillates from upbeat hype to sentimentality depending on any given song, though they have recently focused on expressive singles like last year's "Nosedive" featuring Chen from EXO and this year's "Bongjeseon" with Suran.

"The style of the song can vary, one can be a little aggressive another can be soft and soothing," says Choiza about Dynamic Duo's style. "But essentially all the songs we make are honest expressions of our thoughts and emotions. I believe it's our responsibility to make music that our listeners can relate to."

"Nosedive" was a major success for the pair, which they say is largely because Chen worked well with them. Gaeko recalls how the K-pop star had previously said he wanted to work with them and, after meeting while working with EXO, they decided to work on a song together. "The lyrics express the troubles and hardships of trying to make it through in this society," he says of the song, which went to No. 2 on South Korea’s Gaon chart. "I think that resonated with a lot of listeners from both younger and older generations."

Watch the interview with Dynamic Duo, which ends with some song suggestions from the pair.