Watch Zico Talk 'SoulMate' Collab With IU, His Work Ethic & More

South Korean rapper-songwriter Zico recently topped charts at home with the release of his new single “SoulMate,” a collaborative track with popular songstress IU. He sat down to discuss the song and his work ethic with Billboard in a recent video interview.

“'SoulMate' is someone you could meet, or never get to meet in the lifetime,” Zico says about the song’s title. “Some might not have realized that they met, some might be meeting one soon, and all the possible situations that we could encounter is the message I wanted to say. I tried not to be too [detailed] in the lyrics. If a song had a lot of messages in it, the fans might think it has 'too much information.' I leaned toward portraying a situational scene.”

He also addresses how he was inspired by IU's work ethic. 

“The recording session took a very long time," he says. "It’s not because I wasn’t satisfied. IU did not come out of the booth until she was satisfied. I was very impressed by her being so professional and passionate and it made me regret and think that I should also try much harder whenever I get to collaborate with other artists, and reminded me why I had so much respect for her as an artist.”  

After working with so many collaborators, and being part of boy band Block B for years, Zico knows what he likes. “It should be fun and enjoyable working together,” he says. "The real worth of collaboration is proven when you think of it as team-play and not a business.” He added that he’d like to work with Tom Misch in the future.

Watch what else the Korean rapper had to say in the video above.