TWICE Save Happiness in Music Video for Japanese Single 'BDZ': Watch

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K-pop girl group TWICE continues to make inroads into the Japanese music market, releasing a heist-film-inspired music video for the song “BDZ” on Thursday (Aug. 16).

The vibrant electro-pop tune is the lead single from TWICE’s upcoming BDZ album, and it's built around the choral hook, in which the titular phrase of “Like a bulldozer” is declared like the anthem it is. According to Billboard Japan, the song's title "symbolizes the members' wish to be tough and live strong." 

A plot-heavy clip, the music video features the women in a darker place than their typically bright music videos and begins with an intro during which Sana, one of TWICE’s three Japanese members, walks through a dystopian scene where everyone is fighting. She explains that the world was a happy place previously thanks to beings known as "Lovelies," which have since been kidnaped. TWICE has decided to save the day and bring happiness back by rescuing the creatures, and as the song begins the nonet starts to break into a heavily protected house.

Throughout the rest of the video, the girl group goes up against guards in a variety of innovative ways, while scenes of the women singing and dancing are interspersed. TWICE inevitably bring happiness back into the world by freeing nine purple and pink animated characters, who unleash their love on the girl group's former enemies. ? 

BDZ will be released on Sept. 12. The music video’s blurb explains that the release date is meant to represent TWICE and their fandom, known as ONCE: September is the ninth month to correlate to the group’s members, while the name of the fandom and the group combined are represented by the 12th of the  month. The LP will reportedly feature a total of 10 songs, several of which have already been released including "Candy Pop" and "One More Time."

Immensely popular throughout much of the world, TWICE saw last year’s twicetagram top the World Albums chart and has seen six songs break into the Top 10 of the Japan Hot 100. Their most recent release, the Korean-language "Dance the Night Away" went to No. 5 in July.

Watch TWICE turn into heroes in the music video for “BDZ” here: