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Pentagon Talk Songwriting, Teamwork & More at KCON 2018 LA: Watch

K-pop boy band Pentagon appeared at KCON 2018 LA last weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center and Staples Center, and on Aug. 12 performed some of their most popular songs, including this year’s break-out “Shine.” While in Los Angeles, some of the members sat down with Billboard to discuss their career and music, and to show off some of their dance moves.

Several members of Pentagon write music, but according to them Hui has one of the most elaborate songwriting processes. "I pay a lot of attention to detail so it takes a very long time," he says. "I think it takes me about 12 hours to record one song."

When asked to choose their favorite lyric from Pentagon’s discography, Jinho picked the line "I will keep running" from "Like This,” off of their Demo_01 EP. "That is very similar to our motto," he said, after a brief moment of hilarity when he and Shin Won bonded over both of them liking the line.

Switching between English and Korean, some of the members voiced their favorite aspects about one another, ranging from Jinho's ability to take charge to Shin Won spending money, the latter of which evoked a lot of laughs.  

The group also spoke about what their favorite dance from “Shine” is, with Yeo One picking what he called the “Nun-nu-Nan-na" move, which Pentagon then performed.

During the interview, the band also talked about how their fans inspire them and more. Watch it in the video above.