K-Pop Girl Group Loona Releases First Single as Full Act: Watch 'favOriTe' Music Video

After over a year of singles introducing its dozen of members, Korean girl group Loona (stylized LOO??) released their first song “favOriTe” with the entire lineup on Tuesday (August 7).

A brassy dance track exploding with vibrancy, Loona's "favOriTe" overflows with charisma and bright percussion as the 12 women serve up their verses and raps. With prominent trills and trumpeting synths propelling the melody to its dynamic chorus, plus a woozy, alt R&B bridge later in the song, the song condenses the act’s innovative nature into a boisterous tune in which they declare “you’re my favorite.”

The accompanying music video is focused on the song's energetic choreography and features the 12 women coming together as one for the first time while wearing simple, uniform-inspired blouse and skirt looks.

“favOriTe” is the latest song released ahead of the act’s LOONAbirth concert, set to be held on Aug. 19 in Seoul. It comes after nearly two years of lead-up, beginning in October 2016 when the group’s first “girl of the month” concept began with a single from Heejin. They have since released solos for each member, and also albums from smaller teams made up of three or four members.

Since their start in 2016, Loona has rapidly grown to have a sizable international following. With their fans, known as Orbit, dedicatedly investigating the creative narrative of the “Loonaverse,” Loona has become one of K-pop’s most highly anticipated acts. Their last release prior to “favOriTe,” May’s “Love4eva,”  featured an intro from Grimes.

The YouTube video’s blurbs states that Loona “was designed to be at its maximum potential when LOO?? 1/3, LOO?? / ODD EYE CIRCLE, LOO?? / yyxy, and YeoJin combine.” YeoJin was the only member not to be featured in a LOONA unit.

The description also explains that “favOriTe” “declares the signature sound of LOO?? at its complete form.”

Watch the music video for Loona’s “favOriTe” below: