BTS Begins 'Love Yourself: Answer' Promotion With New 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life' Note

Big Hit Entertainment 


Korean septet BTS kicked off the lead-up to their upcoming Love Yourself: Answer project on Monday (August 6) with the release of a new episode of their “Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Notes” series.

The latest Note is narrated by Jin, who is described by his given name Seokjin rather than his stage name, and dated “3 August YEAR 22.” It relays the story of Jin and other members returning to the starting point of their Notes' story, and how he discovers a notebook written by his father featuring failures he made with his friends. It was uploaded to the Twitter account of BTS' label Big Hit Entertainment earlier Monday.

BTS has released several Notes in the past, corresponding with releases from the boy band. Fans have long theorized about the meaning behind them and how they relate to the creative narrative told through the act’s videos. Much of the recent speculation suggests that Jin is able to time travel or manipulate time in order to change the timeline in relation to his friends, himself and his father.

The Notes are titled after the act’s 2015-16 Most Beautiful Moment In Life album series and Wong Kar-wai’s 2000 film In the Mood for Love, which uses the same Chinese characters as BTS’ album series. The Notes have related to BTS' music, music videos and other content, including promotional videos and teaser images. The storyline has largely related to themes such as loss, love, regret and friendship.

Love Yourself: Answer has already surpassed BTS’ last album Love Yourself: Tear in pre-orders in South Korea. Tear made history when it went to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, the first-ever album from a Korean act to do so and the first predominantly non-English album in 12 years to top the chart. Answer will be released on Aug. 24, ahead of the act’s world tour.