Red Velvet 'Power Up' With New Single, Video and 'Summer Magic' EP: Watch

Red Velvet Power Up
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Red Velvet, "Power Up"

South Korean quintet Red Velvet returned today (Aug. 6) with their new single “Power Up.” It follows last year’s hit “Red Flavor” as a second bright, summertime anthem from the girl group.

An electro-pop song with peppy chiptune quirks littered throughout, the song explodes with each chorus croon of “ey-yey-ey-yey” and the Minion-esque hum of “banana-na-na” and the shouts of “power up!” The verses in between the playful chorus bask in the warmth of the summer and incorporate references to things like cool drinks and not doing anything all day, creating a tune built to reflect the lazy days of the season. There’s even a cute nod to the group’s fan club, with an inclusion of the English-language line “level up,” which is similar to how Red Velvet’s ReVeluv is pronounced in Korean.

The music video for "Power Up" brings the five into a melting, rainbow-colored world where musical items like CDs and records are part fruit, recalling some of the imagery from last year’s “Red Flavor” music video. Dance scenes give a hint to the song’s easy-to-follow choreography, as they soar like an airplane along to one line, punch the air as they proclaim the song’s title, and look like they’re about to go swimming with one move from the “banana” part of the song. All the while, the members -- Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri -- pop in and out of different looks perfect for beating the heat in, rocking picnic-style gingham in one moment and then channeling bright-eyed girl scouts in the next. High fashion, sailor-inspired looks and cheerleader-esque ensembles also make appearances.

“Power Up” leads the act’s Summer Magic EP, also out today. It features six other tracks that exude the thrilling, refreshing feel of summer, one of which is an English-language version of this year’s prior single “Bad Boy.” A special, seventh bonus track dubbed “Red Radio” is also available on some versions. The album leans on the fivesome’s “red” side, and evokes bright, funky pop sounds to create a festive seasonal soundscape. 

One of the best-charting K-pop acts on the World Albums act with four No. 1 albums, Summer Magic follows the release of January's The Perfect Red Velvet, which went to No. 3 on the World Albums chart.

Red Velvet's Summer Magic is available both digitally and physically, and the groups label SM Entertainment even created an online pop-up store through which international fans can purchase the album.

Watch the music video for “Power Up” below.