BIGBANG's Seungri & WINNER's Mino Mock Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in 'Where R U From' Music Video: Watch

Still from Seungri and Mino's 'Where R U From'
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Still from Seungri and Mino's 'Where R U From'

In 2012, PSY parodied the socio-economic situation of the titular neighborhood and went viral with “Gangnam Style.” Now, in 2018, former labelmate Seungri is here to follow in his satirical footsteps in the viral-ready music video for “Where R U From.”  

Released on The Great Seungri on July 20, “Where R U From” features WINNER’s Mino and is a groovy EDM track built to be danced to, which is just what Seungri, Mino, and a whole crew of dancers do in the music video. But not before turning the song into the soundtrack for 2018's political scene.    

Caricatures of President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un take center stage, while other world leaders also make appearances in the music video amid a lifelike political summit that is set to end in shambles. To sort things out, "The Great Seungsby" rides in on a horse and saves the day, and potentially the world, by making his way into the meeting amid a shouting match. Declaring himself the face of YG Entertainment, the BIGBANG member takes control of the situation, and then breaks into the song’s dabbing and galloping-filled choreography.

The DMZ border that divides North and South Korea also plays a major role in what is one of the most blatantly political K-pop videos ever, with rapper Mino donning the garb of a North Korean soldier and Seungri dressing in that of a South Korean border soldier.

The satirical music video is full of cameos from television personalities popular on South Korean television, such as Sam Okyere and Daniel Lindemann who appear as members of the Secret Service and comedian Yoo Byung Jae, who emulates Seungri’s bandmate G-Dragon.

While being draped in political comedy, the music video also draws on Seungri’s funnyman image in the Korean entertainment world. It utilizies his role as the the CEO of YG Entertainment subsidiary YGX, and also his panda-like image, which he incorporates by featuring bamboo and a furry white-and-black coat.

Seungri co-produced the song with Future Bounce, and co-wrote the lyrics with Mino.

The Great Seungri is Seungri’s first Korean LP, and was preceded by his 2011 V.V.I.P and 2013's Let's Talk About Love EPs, the latter of which went to No. 2 on the World Albums chart upon its release. He reportedly returned with a new solo album to give BIGBANG fans new music while the other four members of the act are enlisted in South Korea's military. 

Watch the music video for “Where R U From” here: