KARD 'Ride on the Wind' In Latest Single: Watch the Music Video

Courtesy Photo
Kard, "Ride on the Wind"

K-pop quartet KARD returned Wednesday (July 25) with a brand-new album fronted by the title track “Ride on the Wind.”

A bright EDM song that features whistling synths and deep-toned strings, “Ride on the Wind” continues the co-ed group’s dedication to upbeat, tropically tinged dance music. But even while feeling immensely familiar, it changes things up a bit by posing J.Seph, who has previously mostly rapped, as a singer and giving Jiwoo a more prominent rap verse than the vocalist has served up in the past.

Living up to its title, the music video shows the four members of KARD enjoying summertime activities, including riding around in a jeep and dancing in the wind. Vibrantly colored sets serve as a backdrop, and the group is seen performing foot-tapping and fist-pumping choreography amid meadows and on the beach.

Ride on the Wind is KARD’s third EP and first release of 2018, coming more than half a year after November's You & Me. Along with the single, it features four new tracks, including the album closer “Dímelo,” which incorporates Spanish into the breezy dance song.

Watch the music video for “Ride on the Wind” here.”