GFriend Celebrates the 'Sunny Summer' In New Single and Music Video: Watch

GFRIEND Sunny Summer
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GFRIEND, "Sunny Summer"

“Let’s have a good time!” declare GFriend in their latest song, “Sunny Summer.”

Released on Thursday (July 12), the K-pop girl group’s second single of 2018 is a bright synth-pop track overflowing with rollicking brass and funky percussion. It fronts their latest EP, which shares the same name as the single.  

With airy, exuberant vocals that bounce along over the melody, “Sunny Summer” is driven by the group’s refreshing vocal tones as they sing about having a memorable summer together. Lyrically, it’s full of nuanced wordplay that incorporate the names of each of the six members -- Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB and Umji -- as GFriend take ownership of the classic summertime pop song.

The song is notable for being a bit divergent from GFriend's typical brand of emotive, nostalgia-inducing singles, and pulling back the group's power vocals in favor of a breezy seasonal anthem. 

The music video for "Sunny Summer" kicks off with a quote from William Shakespeare's’ Sonnet 43, adding a literary touch to the mix: "All days are nights to see till I see thee. And nights bright days when dreams do show thee me." It then begins in earnest, interspersing segments of hand-waving choreography with clips of the women spending their summer having fun together as they change their perception of the world by viewing it through heart-shaped lenses and finding sparkling jewels in everything around them. A mid-song, silent film-inspired surprise and festive karaoke party end things out.

GFriend was formed in 2015 and quickly rose to prominence thanks to their effusive brand of nostalgia-inducing synth-pop songs. Sunny Summer is Gfriend’s latest seasonal-themed EP, and their seventh overall. They last returned in April with Time for the Moon Night, which landed at No. 6 on the World Albums chart.

Watch the vivacious music video for “Sunny Summer” here: