LOONA yyxy Release Ominous 'One' Video: Watch

Loona 'one'
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Loona, "One"

Korean girl group LOONA yyxy surprised fans with a mysterious video today (July 13) that ties into their ongoing creative narrative.

Without any context, aside from prior references to the biblical story of Eden throughout the solo music videos released by each of the four members, the clip begins with ominous words appearing on screen: "Your God person puts an apple tree in the middle of a garden and says, ‘Do what you like, guys. Oh, but don’t eat the apple.’”

The video then shows the four members of Loona’s yyxy team -- Olivia Hye, Yves, Chuu, and Go Won -- exploring a building, each on her own. Words flash across the screen, ostensibly correlating to each one: Yves’ appearance is followed by “faith,” Chuu "love," Go Won "hope," and Olivia Hye "anger." They are seen finding apples, and in the finale, Olivia Hye takes a bite.

“I don’t need no Garden of Eden” flashes across the screen as rain and thunder are heard, before the four women find one another. “I am thou, thou art me," reads the wording, in an apparent quote from the lost New Testament apocryphal text The Gospel of Eve.

On Instagram, LOONA taglined the clip with the phrase "four identities, one girl,” implying that the quartet all represent the same character.

Unlike past LOONA videos, this one is not backed by the audio featuring the girl group members; instead, it features the German operatic tune “Das heimliche Lied,” or “The Secret Song,” by Louis Spohr.

LOONA yyxy, which stands for “youth youth by young,” is the final subunit from the girl group ahead of their upcoming first official release. They recently released the single “Love4eva" featuring an intro from Grimes.

The 12-member act is set to release their first music as a united team later this summer.