K-Pop Star Amber Liu of f(x) Signs With Steel Wool Entertainment

Amber Liu
Stefanie Michova

Amber Liu

K-pop star Amber Liu is back Stateside for a while, with a brand new contract and career path.

The Chinese-American f(x) member and singer-songwriter recently confirmed in an interview with Forbes that she is looking to pursue a career in the United States, and that she has signed with Steel Wool Entertainment. Steel Wool is headed by Kevin Morrow, formerly of Live Nation and House Of Blues.

“At a time when you see this stuff start to cross over, she’s someone with urban leanings, but at the same time she can do a pop song, so I can’t think of a better time for her to put out her own material,” Morrow told Forbes. “Her new music will be a mixture of everything. She’ll be doing K-Pop stuff, she’s gonna be straight-up rap, it’s gonna be a little bit of everything.”    

Liu spoke to Forbes about how her growth as an artist and as a person has enabled her to take better control of her creativity, making it the right time to pursue a solo career Stateside. “I think I’m at a point personally where I’m comfortable with myself now and I understand that I’m not perfect, but I can only be the best I can be,” she said.

Along with sharing a desire to release an EDM album, the K-pop artist expressed interest in working with The Script, Seven Lions, and Max Martin.

She also spoke frankly about her battles with depression, a rarity for K-pop stars. “I always felt like I was alone and because people never understood me I had to shut myself out from the world. Art and music was the only thing that could ever help me get over that.” Liu mentioned Linkin Park’s music as a comfort for her in her youth.

In regards to her work with f(x), Liu did not clarify whether the group is still together or not, though she did speak of the team in present tense: “We’re part of a team,” she said. The quartet has not released music together since 2016’s one-off “All Mine.” She is still signed to SM Entertainment in South Korea.  

Liu also recently signed on as a brand ambassador a Nike and L'oreal’s Redken line.