SHINee Release Second 'The Story of Light' Album Fronted by Vibrant 'I Want You': Watch the Music Video

SHINee "I Want You"
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SHINee "I Want You"

The group released the second of three albums planned to be released in celebration fo their 10th anniversary.

Korean boy band SHINee released the second part of their The Story of Light album 10th anniversary trilogy on Monday (June 11). Following up last month’s “Good Evening” and the corresponding EP of the same name, dubbed the first episode of the series, the act released “I Want You,” similarly fronting another episodic album.

An energetic, tropical house tune, “I Want You” is vibrant in its blending of breezy synths, plinking beats and sleek, exuberant vocals from the members of the boy band. As is typical of one of K-pop’s most experimental acts, the dance track features a surprise in the form of mellow piano notes that guide the pre-chorus’ “oh, na na na” build into the hypnotizing, earworm of a hook.  

Like the music video for "Good Evening," the accompanying one for "I Want You" features a CGI fox as an introductory guide to the whimsical, throwback imagery that SHINee interacts with. Old school green screen graphics recall '80s sci-fi tropes and The Twilight Zone; eagle-eyed fans also recognized what they believed were nods to older videos from the group. And while "Good Evening" featured loose, sweeping choreography atop of chairs, the floor-bound dance for "I Want You" is full of playful, tightly-angled movements.

Along with “I Want You,” the second The Story of Light album features four other songs: the islandy “Chemistry,” the experimental “Electric,” the effusive “Drive,” and the dramatic “Who Waits For Love.”   

According to SHINee, the “I Want You” The Story of Light EP represents the group's view of themselves, while "Good Evening" reflected what others think of the group. A third album, fronted by the single “Our Page,” is slated for release on June 25.  

The Story of Light album series commemorates the group’s 10th anniversary. It is the first new Korean music released by SHINee since member Jonghyun passed away last year.