Former Wonder Girls Member Yubin Debuts First Solo Song 'Lady': Watch the Video

Yubin, "Lady"
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Yubin, "Lady"

Yubin (Kim Yu-bin), formerly of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls, started the second leg of her career with her first single “Lady” on Tuesday (June 5).

The release came a year after Wonder Girls broke up, following a decade-long career that changed the face of K-pop and saw them make history as the first South Korean act to ever appear on the Hot 100 chart, where the English version of “Nobody” landed at No. 76 in 2009.

Yubin’s debut single draws on ‘80s disco and soft rock, sprinkling the playful melody with funky instrumentals, sweet harmonies, and playful synths. Reminiscent of city pop, a genre of music prominent in Japan in the ‘80s that drew on the urban lifestyle, “Lady” leads the artist’s debut solo album, fittingly called City Woman. The single album’s release was reportedly postponed due to a copyright issue with the B-side.  

The music video for “Lady” similarly reflects the cosmopolitan leanings of the song’s styling, and features Yubin living her life as a busy lady confessing her love. It shows Yubin in a variety of retro-inspired looks, a further nod to the nostalgia-evoking imagery that Wonder Girls featured in much of their work.

Yubin joined Wonder Girls in 2007 as a singer-rapper after HyunA left the group. When the group revamped its concept in the 2015, she took up the role of drummer. She joins former Wonder Girls Sunmi, Ha:tfelt (Yeeun), and HyunA in the pursuit of a solo career. She is one of two members, along with Hyerim, to remain under the act’s label JYP Entertainment.