SHINee Commemorates 10th Anniversary With 'The Story of Light' EP

Courtesy of SM Entertainment


It is the group's first album since the passing of member Jonghyun.

SHINee's back, and their light’s back with them on their latest album.

The Story of Light, released on Monday (May 28), followed the group’s 10th anniversary celebrations last week. It's the first of three EPs that they’ll release over the next few weeks to commemorate their decade in the industry, and the K-pop boy band’s first album as a quartet following the passing of member Kim Jonghyun late last year.

Fronted by the single “Good Evening,” The Story of Light features five tracks. It kicks off with the eclectic “All Day All Night” with its erratic beat and dynamic tonal shifts, and leads into “Good Evening.” The song recalls SHINee’s 2015 hit “View” with its deep house vibe, but draws more heavily on classic R&B sounds and goes so far as to incorporate 112’s 1997 classic “Cupid” into its melody. 

The music video is bathed in greens, blues and SHINee's own pearl aqua color as the four men and their dancers perform on an enclosed set filled with forestry, film equipment and other various items. The group, which is renowned for its charismatic performances, doesn't disappoint. And "Good Evening" features the act performing laid-back dance moves that belie their complexity with a sense of almost accidental flailing and falling motions. 

The album also features the experimental groove of “Undercover” with its rhythmic percussion and hypnotic whistling, the retro house-disco hybrid of “Jump,” and the evocative, haunting pop ballad “You & I,” which features lyrics written by member Key.  

SHINee debuted in 2008 with their hit single “Replay.” Over the years, they’ve become renowned as one of K-pop’s stalwart boy bands who always put out complex, explorative dance-focused tunes.

The EP, the group's sixth Korean set, comes two years after SHINee released their last album, 2016’s 1 of 1. Since then, the group has faced tragedy with the loss Jonghyun last December. The album serves as the first third of an anniversary series, and also as a testament to the group's ability to continue shining amid dark times. Even if their sheen may be diminished by one-fifth, SHINee doesn’t disappoint to brighten up the Korean music scene with their Story of Light. 

Take a listen to the EP here: