Watch BTS Address Their Love of Shawn Mendes and Talk Potential Collaboration With Singer

BTS and Shawn Mendes’ bromance continued in a recent interview the Korean septet did with Billboard this week.

During a sit down with Chelsea Briggs, BTS was asked about how Mendes recently said he wants to collaborate with the group. RM said he saw the video and, when asked if he's a fan responded, "He is too handsome. He looks too good."

“We always wanted to collaborate with him," RM added. 

Jimin and V appeared to be the biggest fans -- to little surprise-- and Jimin expressed his excitement through body language before saying Mendes is, “Very nice.” V closed out the segment by singing a a bit of “In My Blood.”

BTS' comments come just a few days after they interacted with Mendes on Twitter.

Both BTS and Mendes will be performing at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday (May 20). The show will air on NBC.