5 Things to Know About BTS' 'Love Yourself: Tear' Album

On Sunday (May 13), Korean boy band BTS released the track list for their upcoming Love Yourself: Tear album. Set to be released on May 18, and debuted live with a song performance at the BBMAs on May 20, the septet’s highly-anticipated album comes after a breakout year that saw them become America’s most popular boy band.

Not a lot is known about Tear as of yet, but here’s some of what we do know so far.

1. It’s BTS’ first LP since 2016’s Wings.

Love Yourself: Tear is the first part of the Love Yourself series to be a full-length album. It follows last year’s record-breaking EP Love Yourself: Her and is their third Korean LP, following Wings and 2014's Dark & Wild. A thematically-related Japanese album, Face Yourself, also recently made history as the highest-ranking Japanese album by a Korean act on the Billboard 200.

3. The album features 11 tracks.

It includes the already released "Singularity" as an intro, the single "Fake Love," "Undelivered Truth" feat. Steve Aoki, and an outro track titled "Tear” along with seven other songs. It’s unclear whether the album contains solo tracks for each member as Wings did, but “Airplane pt.2” appears to reference a track off of J-Hope’s Hope World mixtape, raising expectations.  

Aside from Aoki, the album also features tracks written by the Los Angeles-based DJ Swivel, who tweeted about writing "Love Maze" and "Magic Shop," and mixing the latter and "So What" after the track list came out. 

3. At least one song relates to last year’s “smeraldo” flowers.

Quick-witted ARMY quickly realized upon the track list’s release that “Undelivered Truth,” or, literally, “the truth/sincerity that I cannot tell/deliver” was featured previously on a mysterious, now-defunct Instagram account that drew attention before the release of Love Yourself: Her last year, and related to much of the imagery surrounding its release.

Several of the other songs have resulted in BTS’ ARMY trying to decipher hidden meanings and hints the group’s shared over the years, with popular theories relating to astronomical themes due to the track "134340," which corresponds to Pluto's numeric designation.

4. Fans have already heard one song.

A music video for the intro track “Singularity,” performed by member V, was released earlier this month as a precursor to the album’s release. The smooth R&B song was accompanied by a captivating music video. Each of BTS’ last few albums have featured a pre-album release associated with a single member.

5. The already-released “Euphoria” is not featured.

Even before releasing “Singularity,” BTS dropped a video titled “BTS 'Euphoria : Theme of LOVE YOURSELF Wonder.'” The song that was featured, “Euphoria,” does not appear on the track list for Love Yourself: Tear, and it is unknown when the group will release the track.