Dreamcatcher 'Escape the ERA' with Their New Single 'You And I': Watch

Dreamcatcher 'YOU AND I'
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Dreamcatcher, "YOU AND I"

Dreamcatcher has caught a lot of attention for their dramatically haunting K-pop-rock sound, and their latest EP Nightmare - Escape The ERA returns the seven-member girl group to this aesthetic. Fronted by the powerhouse pop punk vibe of “You And I,” the EP was released on Thursday, May 10.

Like their past releases, the music video for “You and I” is a theatrical testament to the girl group’s dedication to their distinct identity. It returns the members of Dreamcatcher to their fantastical dreamscape overflowing with mystery and magic as they cast spells and interact with horrific creatures. Donning two different styles of outfits throughout the video as they show off their witchy side -- one stylishly preppy and the other featuring leather and ruffles bodysuits that would fit in at any Hot Topic -- the septet performs a choreography that incorporates canes and chokeholds via scarves.

Along with the single, the album includes the instrumental intro track “Inside-Outro,” a slightly more playful pop-rock tune than the single in the form of “Mayday,” a subtle synth-pop song titled “Which a Star,” and concludes with the metal-ballad “Scar.”

Nightmare - Escape the ERA is the final album in a series that began in January 2017 with the release of Nightmare and the group’s single "Chase Me." Nightmare was the inaugural release by the act after the former-quintet dropped their original name of MINX and added two new members.

Since their first release under the Dreamcatcher name, the girl group increasingly rose to prominence as one of the most unique new female K-pop acts with their hard pop-rock sound and artistic visual concepts. Their EP Prequel hit No. 5 on the World Albums chart last August. 

It is unclear what Escape the ERA means for Dreamcatcher's sound and imagery, but with their flare for drama and sonorous vocals, the team is one of the most promising new girl groups in the K-pop scene today. 

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