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GFriend Return With 'Time For The Moon Night': Watch

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GFRIEND, "Time For The Moon Night"

Korean girl group GFriend on Monday (April 30) released “Time For The Moon Night,” their first new single of 2018.

A mix of whimsy and dramatic shifts, “Time For The Moon,” or “Night” as it is known in Korean, starts off simply with a haunting piano melody and gradually builds to a soaring, expressive close. Propelled by whimsical strings, the song is sprinkled with retro-inspired digital quirks, fluttering synths, and layered harmonies as the members of GFriend sing their way between dynamic tempo and tonal shifts.

"Night" comes seven months after the sextet’s “Summer Rain."

Unlike past singles from the group, "Time For The Moon Night" wasn't written by producer duo Igg Youngbae but instead by producers No Joo Hwan and Lee Won Jong, marking a new direction for the girl group even while maintaining GFriend’s representative vivid brand of sleek, emotive pop.

The song's music video shifts the group away from the uniform-inspired, synchronized looks of their previous conceptual eras, and instead individualizes each of the six members. The GFriend ladies each don their own distinct, '90s-inspired outfits -- with Yerin recalling the group’s athletic look from their debut song “Glass Bead”-- as they alternate between being melancholically reflective and spending time with one another. The song's powerful choreography has the six members rolling, waving and swinging their arms in sweeping gestures as they sing.

“Time For The Moon Night” leads GFriend’s sixth EP by the same name. Along with the single, it also features the playful synth-pop sound of "Love Bug," the explosive electro-pop of standout "Flower Garden," the groovy “Tik Tik,” the sweet balladry of “Bye,” and the sentimental closer “You Are My Star.”

Since their start in 2015, GFriend has rapidly become one of the most prominent girl groups of this K-pop generation. They've seen four albums appear on the World Albums chart, where their fifth EP Parallel most recently peaked at No. 10.