NCT 127 Talks Music, Romance, & More in Exclusive Video

The K-pop band sat down for an interview during the Korea Times Music Festival.

K-pop boy band NCT 127 were in Los Angeles for the Korea Times Music Festival over the weekend, during which they popped by Billboard to sit down with Chelsea Briggs for a livestreamed interview.

The nine members of the NCT team --Johnny, Mark, Taeyong, Winwin, Taeil, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Yuta, and Haechan-- spoke a bit about how they felt being in LA, their group dynamic (Johnny is the most romantic), the NCT 2018 Empathy album and their latest single “Touch,” as well as what they hope to achieve with their music.

When asked about how they feel about the larger NCT group making it into the top three of the Social 50 chart for several weeks, the group cheered and Mark thanked fans for all of the attention. "We usually don't come to see them often but they do look at us online and see the videos we upload," he said. "We're just really thankful for that."

Though much of the group doesn’t speak English, Johnny, who is from Chicago, and Mark, who is from Vancouver, helped facilitate the conversation and translate for their members along with help from Jaehyun, who also speaks English.

During the livestream, the group also teased an upcoming collaboration with R&B singer-songwriter Marteen, who posted a picture with NCT 127's Taeyong, Mark, and Johnny on his Instagram on April 27.

NCT 127’s performance at the Korea Times Music Festival on Saturday (April 28) precedes their appearance at KCON 2018 NY in June. It will mark their second time appearing at the east coast leg of the K-pop convention and music festival.    

Watch the full video above.


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