Watch Super Junior & Leslie Grace Discuss 'Lo Siento,' Teach Each Other Korean & Spanish: Exclusive

The K-pop supergroup & Latin pop star took a break from filming to talk collaborating, customs & dancing.

The release of Super Junior and Leslie Grace's "Lo Siento" merged K-pop and Latin music in a way previously unseen, and the artists themselves say they couldn't have been more excited to work with each other. The ambitious crossover single -- that includes lyrics in English, Spanish and Korean -- proved to not only be an eye-opening experience for music fans, but for the singers themselves. 

Billboard was on the "Lo Siento" video shoot where we got to ask the Super Junior members and Leslie Grace about the experiences. In an exclusive interview piece that's sure to delight fans from around the world, watch as the stars discuss their new collaboration, what they've learned from each other, as well as try out phrases from each other's languages above.

"I love love love working with Super Junior, we've been having a very good time and they couldn't have treated me any nicer," The Bronx native said. "It definitely has been something that has made me grow. It's a new experience -- I've never traveled so far -- and I'm so glad that they are the cause of it and that I've learned some Korean words and new dance moves."

Grace -- who sees her new single "Duro y Suave" at No. 36 on the Latin Pop Songs chart this week -- adds that choreography may have been the biggest takeaway from her South Korea trip. "I think that has been the most exciting part, the dancing and learning how to move in a different way; learning new grooves." Super Junior member Eunhyuk gave his co-sign by adding "I like your groove," causing his members Siwon and Leeteuk to crack smiles.

"Lo Siento" is the lead single off Super Junior's newly released Replay album and is expected to make its bow on next week's Billboard charts. Watch how it all came together via the official music video -- which collected nearly five million views in its first day -- below: