Super Junior Team Up With Leslie Grace for Latin-Tinged 'Lo Siento': Watch the Music Video

Korean boy band Super Junior joined forces with Latin pop singer Leslie Grace for their newest single “Lo Siento,” a trilingual dance track with tropical leanings. It leads Replay, the extended version of last year’s Play album, and is one of four new songs along with the previously released “Super Duper."

“Lo Siento” is a bold, upbeat dance track that draws on Latin pop’s tropical styling and is fronted by rhythmic strings as a steady beat and underlying brass guide the melody. Beginning with Leslie Grace trilling along to the beat, the song switches between Korean and Spanish, and throws in a few English phrases for good measure, as the tune builds to the swaying titular refrain and a thumping dance break. Rap breaks are woven into the song, and it ends off with a smooth rap courtesy of Heechul.   

While Latin pop is a growing trend in K-pop, “Lo Siento” stands out as a full-fledged international production that was crafted by different songwriters, including Grammy Award-winning brother duo Play-N-Skillz, who Leslie Grace has collaborated with in the past. Leslie Grace and Super Junior’s Heechul and Eunhyuk were also credited as co-writers of the single.

“I am over the moon to be collaborating with Super Junior and Play-N-Skillz in a way that’s never been done before in the K-pop or Latin pop genre!” Leslie Grace told Billboard. “I believe there’s a special beauty about music’s power to bring people of all cultures together.”

With bedroom scenes, proactive fruit imagery, and sensual dance breaks, the brightly hued music video for “Lo Siento” is one of the group’s most sexually overt to date. It matches the push-and-pull lyrics of the song as the members of Super Junior try, and succeed, to seduce the object of their affection. Leslie Grace and producers Play-N-Skillz appear throughout the video, and she participates in much of the song's choreography, pairing up with the members for certain verses. The whole thing is nestled between clips of Heechul, unable to perform the dance portions due to a longstanding injury, as a lone guitarist.

Replay was released just a week before Super Junior heads to several Latin American countries as part of their Super Show 7 worldwide tour. The boy band has a sizable Spanish-speaking fanbase, and “Lo Siento” is the second single by the group, along with 2014’s “Mamacita,” to feature a Spanish title. The song’s title, which means “I'm sorry” in English, also recalls their 2009 hit “Sorry Sorry.”

Along with “Lo Siento” and the party track “Super Duper,” Replay features the sentimental pop ballad “Hug” and the playful, funky “Me & U,” as well as an alternate, predominantly Korean version of “Lo Siento” featuring Somin and Jiwoo of KARD.