BTS Tease Next Album In 'Love Yourself' Series With 'Euphoria' Theme Video

Korean septet BTS surprised fans on Thursday, April 5, with the release of a nine-minute long video hinting to the theme of their next album.

Titled "Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself Wonder," the clip appears to dub the band’s upcoming album Love Yourself: Wonder, a follow-up to last year’s record-breaking EP Love Yourself: Her. The song “Euphoria” is revealed halfway through the video, following a dramatic introduction featuring Debussy’s “Clair De Lune.” A bright synth-pop tune with trop house leanings, it’s the first track of what is expected to be BTS’ second Love Yourself EP.  

No release date for BTS' next album has been announced. 

The "Euphoria" video opens up with BTS’ V jumping into the ocean, and features a variety of dark scenes, including Jungkook getting beaten up, along with members getting caught in fires and trapped in rooms. Jin alone seems separate from the dark imagery, and instead is left recalling the memories of the seven men together, while Jungkook peers off into the distance. A sudden drop and cinematic shift reveal “Euphoria,” which acts as a soundtrack to scenes of the band members playing around with one another in what appears to be a run-down factory yard. The song ends as the seven men appear together at the seaside where V jumped, with the Debussy tune returning while Jin peers into a video camera and smiles, even as V is seen in the water. 

The video ends with “Euphoria” playing over the credits, which reveal that the new song was produced by Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young with Candace Nicole Sosa, Melanie Joy Fontana, BigHit Entertainment founder “Hitman” Bang Si Hyuk, Supreme Boi, Adora, and RM.

Both album titles, Her and Wonder, are derived from the Chinese characters that refer to a literary technique the band has previously highlighted as the Love Yourself series’ theme. Fans of BTS previously guessed that "Wonder" as well as "Tear" and "Answer" will follow Her, and aligned different related terms to serve as intro tracks, much as how “Serendipity” preceded Her. The theory appears to be correct, given that Wonder was paired with “Euphoria.”

The new video comes the same week that BTS released their Face Yourself album in Japan, which has steadily stayed within the top 5 of the U.S iTunes Albums chart ever since its release on Tuesday. It also comes a day after BTS' label, BigHit Entertainment, saw an investment around $190 million from Netmarble Games, making the gaming company BigHit's second-largest shareholder