Monsta X Returns with 'Jealousy': Watch the Music Video

Monsta X, "Jealousy"
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Monsta X, "Jealousy"

Five months after their The Code EP, which landed them at No. 2 on the World Albums chart, Korean boy band Monsta X returned yesterday, March 27, with the release of The Connect: Dejavu.

Fronted by the smooth R&B-tinged dance track “Jealousy,” The Connect is the band’s first album of 2018 and their sixth EP overall. It features seven tracks, including "If Only," co-written by Wonho, and "Special," co-written by Jooheon. Jooheon and I.M also contributed by writing the lyrics to their raps on all the tracks.

Beginning with a snapping-and-synth beat and propelling the song with repeated hook phrases, “Jealousy” blends Monsta X’s hip-hop leanings with retro-inspired melodies, sounding like something straight out of the heyday of boy bands in the late '90s and early '00s. Sleek vocals, particularly Kihyun's, drive the majority of the song, making it one of Monsta X’s poppiest singles to date. But for fans of the act's more typically boisterous sound, rappers I.M and Jooheon get their chance to shine during an aggressive, trap-laden breakdown.

The song was released through one of Monsta X's most dance-driven music videos of late, with "Jealousy" banking on full-body rolls and dramatic jumps of the choreography. “Jealousy” intersperses the performance clips with ambiguous scenes that conclude with the members appearing to take a lick or bite of their own wrist, vampire style.

A popular K-pop act, Monsta X has performed in the U.S. on multiple occasions, and is mounting a stateside tour this summer. Along with several appearances on the World Albums chart, they've made multiple appearances on the Social 50, reaching the peak position of No. 12 last December.

Watch the music video for “Jealousy” here: