K-Pop Boy Band Shinhwa Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Remake of 'All Your Dreams' Music Video: Watch

Shinhwa, "All Your Dreams"
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Shinhwa, "All Your Dreams"

On March 24, 1998, Korean boy band Shinhwa released their first single “Resolver.” Twenty years later the act is still living up to its name, which means “legend” in Korean, and fittingly celebrated its second decade in the industry as the longest-running K-pop act with a remake of one of “All Your Dreams.”

The music video for the gritty alt rock-dance track updated the song’s sound and original imagery, but kept the same plot revolving around men fighting over a woman, suitable for the aggressive melody of the song. Released by the six-member boy band in 2000, “All Your Dreams” was the theme of the group’s 20th anniversary “fan party,” held in Seoul on March 24-25 as a celebration of their long-lived career.

Since debuting with SM Entertainment, currently home to the likes of EXO and Red Velvet, in 1998, Shinhwa has remained together despite management changes and their mandatory service in the South Korean military. They rose to prominence through hits like "T.O.P," "Wild Eyes," and "Perfect Man,” and were one of the most prominent Korean boy bands during the first half of the new millennium. Along with their music, Shinhwa's become well-known in South Korea as variety show entertainers and actors. 

Following a lengthy hiatus beginning in 2008 as members fulfilled their service requirements, the act as a whole returned to the K-pop scene in 2012 with “Venus” to become the first K-pop boy band to reunite following the military, though it has now become a trend. Shinhwa is currently self-managed by Shinhwa Company, while each of the men are also individually managed in regards to their solo careers. 

The act most recently charted on the World Albums chart with 2015’s We, which peaked at No. 3 upon its release that March.