Highlight's Yong Junhyung Welcomes Spring With 'Sudden Shower' Feat. 10cm

Courtesy Photo
Yong Jun-hyung "Sudden Shower"

K-pop star and singer-songwriter Yong Junhyung of Highlight is ushering in springtime with his new single “Sudden Shower.”

Featuring Kwon Jung Yeol, the vocalist of what is now the one-man indie-pop band 10cm, Yong released the track Thursday. The song features a midtempo melody that utilizes gentle instrumentals and the sound of rainfall to relay a melancholic feel as the pair sing about heartbreak.

Yong’s latest was written by him in collaboration with songwriting partner Kim Taejoo, who makes up the other half of the production team known as Good Life. Because the song was released as a digital single, Yong shared the production credits through a post on Instagram and expressed his desire for people with like thoughts to appreciate “Sudden Shower,” a release that he described as one he is very satisfied with.  

“Sudden Shower” was released through a music video that features Yong reflecting on the relationship described in the lyrics, and counters somber black-and-white memories with his thoughts of the happier, brightly-hued times he spent with his lover.

Yong is a member of the boy band Highlight, formerly known as Beast, and well known in the Korean music industry as one of the act’s primary songwriters.

“Sudden Shower” is his first solo single since last year's "Wonder If" with Heize. Upon its release the single went to the top tiers of Korean music charts as people tuned into the evocative sentimental ballad which blends Yong’s mellow singing and rap with Kwon’s raspy tone.

Watch the music video here: