iKON Follow Up Success of 'Return' Album With New Single 'Rubber Band'

Courtesy of YG Entertainment

Korean boy band iKON has been topping the Billboard Korea K-pop 100 for several weeks with their single “Love Scenario,” and now they’re back with a stylistic sequel in the form of the digital single “Rubber Band.”

Released on March 6 and followed-up by a video later in the week, “Rubber Band” appears to be heavily influenced by the success of “Love Scenario” and draws on much of the the former’s musicality. The rhythmic alt-R&B track features similarly summery instrumentals, plinking beats and bright synths to relay an almost playful vibe. It lyrically compares a relationship on its path to breakup with the titular office supply, expressing how things are ready to snap at any moment.

“Rubber Band” was co-written by members B.I. Seung, and Bobby along with WINNER's Mino, as well as the producer Millennium.

While the song didn't receive an official music video, shortly after its release iKON shared a performance video featuring the members serving up the charismatic choreography of "Rubber Band" in their dance studio. Emulating the song's imagery, the seven members of iKON sway easily along to the beat, smoothly moving with a bounce in their movements as the emulate the lyrics and the titular "Rubber Band." 

iKON released their first album Welcome Back in 2015. Their latest album Return, fronted by “Love Scenario,” peaked at No. 4 on the World Albums chart last month. The group is managed by YG Entertainment, the same company that houses BIGBANG, BlackPink, and Winner

Watch iKON perform the dance for “Rubber Band” here: