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BTS' Wings Tour T-Shirts Headed for Hot Topic

The previously-sold out merchandise kicks off a new relationship between the K-pop boy band and the retailer.

Stateside fans of BTS will be able to get there hands on some previously sold-out concert merchandise at Hot Topic are now available, according to the retailer.

The official souvenir T-shirt from the Korean septet’s 2017 Wings Tour will go on sale in the near future, and marks the launch of a relationship between Hot Topic and BTS to bring band-related merchandise to the store.

The T-shirts cost $32 and feature imagery related to the Wings Tour and the Wings album. They will be available at nearly 700 Hot Topic stores throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as online.

While immensely popular among American fans -- and the highest-charting K-pop group ever -- this is the first time BTS-oriented concert merchandise will be made easily accessible throughout the States, though their albums are available at some American retailers. The group's BT21 collaboration with Line Friends is also available stateside, though in far more limited quantities and only at a single store in New York City and in limited supplies online.

Hot Topic currently hosts products featuring other Korean acts, including BIGBANG, Monsta X, GOT7, G-Dragon, Cosmic Girls, iKON, Epik High, SechsKies and BlackPink.

See Hot Topic's social media posts teasing the new product launch below.


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Updated March 13: Shirts are now on sale here.