Super Junior's Kim Heechul and Min Kyunghoon Give Visibility to Developmentally Disabled People in 'Falling Blossoms' Video

Min Kyung Hoon & Heechul "Falling Blossoms"
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Min Kyung Hoon & Heechul "Falling Blossoms"

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and Buzz’s Min Kyunghoon released their second collaborative power ballad on Saturday (Feb. 17), and it features one of the most inclusive music videos South Korea’s seen in some time.

A lilting, soft pop-rock tune that grows to a soaring, emotional cacophony, Kim and Min blend their voices on “Falling Blossoms” as they sing about the results of a sad romance. But it is the accompanying music video that steals the spotlight with its approach to representing a developmentally disabled character.

In the video, Min acts as the head of the family in lieu of his father and differently-abled older brother, portrayed by Kim, but runs into trouble with gang members while trying to help his mother and brother. Kim’s character gets caught up in the conflict, and the plots ends with heartbreak. Kim’s poignant portrayal of a developmentally disabled man is rare in South Korean media, despite a high prevalence of autism in the country. 

“Falling Blossoms,” also known as “After Effect,” is Kim and Min’s second collaboration together and grew out of their role as co-stars of the popular Korean television show Knowing Bros., also known as Ask Us Anything or Men on a Mission. It was composed by Lee Sang Joon and Cha Jil Won and features lyrics written by Min. The music video was directed by Super Junior’s Shindong and also features Jisun of the girl group Fromis_9. 

Kim & Min previously topped Korean music charts with their 2016 release “Sweet Dream.” Another sentimental ballad, that tune also displayed the pair's dedication to representing diverse characters; it featured a similarly progressive music video in which Min’s character hid his feelings for Kim, a rare inclusion of overt same-sex love in the Korean music industry. 

Watch the music video for “Falling Blossoms” below.