8 Pup-Themed K-Pop Songs to Ring in the Year of the Dog

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Baek Ji Young "Good Boy"

People around the world are celebrating Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year or Spring Festival, on Friday. Though the holiday looks a bit different in South Korea this year thanks to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics taking place right in the middle of the celebratory season, the Year of the Dog has much of the country -- including the Korean entertainment industry -- taking a break.

Because of this, there aren’t many new songs to listen to this week, so here’s a timely playlist featuring some K-pop tunes inspired by man’s best friend to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

“개소리 Bullshit” - G-Dragon

This Kwon Ji Yong track uses the Korean curse word that literally means “dog sound” but is used derogatorily to call out bullshit. The hip-hop hype track takes G-Dragon’s bravado and integrates it with a variety of references to dogs, such as the “bow wow wow” of the chorus, and features the BIGBANG member shrugging off haters along to the stomping beat.

G-Dragon used a similar trope in his 2013 track “Coup d’Etat,” featuring Baauer and Diplo.

“Woof Woof” - SHINee​

Emulating the playful nature of the titular canine sound, this swing-infused track is one if the must uptempo moments off of the quintet’s 2015 Odd album. This tail-wagging song had the SHINee members appear at concerts dressed up like dogs, “Woof Woof”-ing all over stage.

“Awoo” - Lim Kim

The song doesn’t actually reference dogs but instead the title appears to refer to the sound made by foxes, and the video actually features cats, but it still features dog-like howling. Kim’s woozy track is one of the most whimsical electro-R&B songs Korea’s ever seen, and it's perfect to listen to at anytime, new year or not.

“Puppy” - FTISLAND​

This Japanese track from the pop rock band is one of their most ridiculous, and its matching music video is just as fun: it features comic-like animations, the members barking like dogs while looking for the titular pet, and ends with Jaejin dressed up like the "Puppy" they're searching for.

“Home” - Roy Kim

Is there anything more loyal than a dog? Not according to Roy Kim in this music video that features him singing sweetly about his “Home," which proves to be an adorable white dog.

“Love Is a Dog From Hell” - Mad Clown feat. Suran

Hopefully the title of this 2017 rap ballad from Mad Clown and Suran doesn’t predict what type of year the Year of the Dog will be for listeners.  

“I’m Him” - Mino

AMino’s swaggering “I’m Him” uses the fluidity of the Korean language to relay a variety of puns, with the delivery of they titular phrase giving it a whole range of meanings, including "I'm a dog” and "I'm strong." The music video features the WINNER member amid a CGI-canine trip that’s not to be missed.

“Good Bye” - Baek Ji Young feat. Highlight’s Junhyung

This anthem from one of Korea’s top divas came under controversy for it’s empowering message that featured Baek singing about how she’s trained her younger lover like a dog, with Junhyung serving as a stand in for her lover who questions her authority.