Essential BTS Collaborations You Should Hear: Steve Aoki, Nicki Minaj & More

?BTSSteve Aoki remix of "Mic Drop" featuring Desiigner is one of two songs by the Korean boy band to be certified Gold, and that's hardly the Korean septet's first time working with American musicians. On their own, BTS is something special, but there have been many occasions over the years where the act and its members have teamed up with a variety of artists, both Korean and otherwise.


Whether its appearing as a featured artist or teaming up with talented producers, here’s a look back at some of BTS' collaborations from over the years, ranging from their pre-debut 2AM feature to last year’s Fall Out Boy remix:

2AM’s “Love You, Hate You” feat. BTS (2010)

BTS’ labelmates 2AM featured the group on their Saints O’Clock track. It’s the first time the septet’s name “Bangtan Sonyeondan” (?????)) was used, and it would be three years until BTS debuted with “No More Dream.”

RM, Jungkook, Jo Kwon, Joo Hee, & Lim Jeong Hae's "Perfect Christmas" (2013)

This holiday song featured the two BTS members alongside several Big Hit Entertainment labelmates. 

RM & Warren G "P.D.D'" (2015)

The song's title stands for "Please Don't Die," and features RM verbally confronting his haters. 

MFBTY’s “Bucku Bucku” feat. RM, EE, and Dino-J (2015)

This track by MFBTY, made up of one of South Korea’s hip-hop powerhouse couples Yoonmirae and Tiger JK and rapper Bizzy, features several artists and includes a slick rap courtesy of RM.

RM's "Fantastic" feat. Mandy Ventrice (2015)

The BTS rapper released this track to tie-in with the release of the 2015 revamp of Fantastic Four

Suga’s “So Far Away” feat. Suran (2016)

The rapper teamed up with Suran for this version of the song on his Agust D mixtape. Suga later remade the song with Jin and Jungkook, and ended up producing Suran’s 2017 hit “Wine.”

RM and Wale’s “Change” (2017)

BTS’ RM and Wale joined together last year on this politically-fraught hip-hop track.

BTS “Best of Me” produced by The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart (2017)

This Love Yourself: Her track came out of BTS meeting up with The Chainsmokers at the Billboard Music Awards last year.

BTS’ “Mic Drop (Remix)” with Steve Aoki feat. Desiigner (2017)

“Mic Drop” ended up becoming BTS’ first song to achieve Gold certification stateside, and spent 10 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fall Out Boy’s “Champion” Remix feat. RM (2017)

Last year was a big one for RM as a featured rapper, and he ended it off with this remix of Fall Out Boy’s song which featured a pro-life message in the face of suicide.

BTS' "The Truth Untold" with Steve Aoki (2018) 

This b-side on the group's Billboard 200 chart-topping album Love Yourself: Tear -- and later featured on the group's second No. 1 album Love Yourself: Answer -- is a poignant piano-based ballad from vocalists V, Jin, Jimin, and Jungkook crafted by frequent collaborator Aoki. 

BTS' "Idol" feat. Nicki Minaj (2018) 

The septet returned in August with this anthemic single in two versions, one of which featured the Queen rapper. Shortly after its release, BTS released a second version of the music video for "Idol," this time with an appearance from Nicki Minaj as she served up her fierce verse.   

RM's "Seoul" produced by Honne (2018) 

The English electronic duo lent a hand to RM's mono. playlist with the emotive "Seoul." 

RM's "Badbye" with eAeon (2018) 

BTS' leader's Mono featured several collaborations, and this haunting one featured the main vocalist of Mot teaming up with RM to create a chilling vibe.

RM's "Everythingoes" with Nell (2018) 

The South Korean indie electro-rock band and RM weaved a hopeful soundscape on this Mono track. 

Steve Aoki with BTS "Waste It On Me (2018)

A romantic, tropical EDM track, "Waste It On Me" is the first song under the BTS group title -- though only two or three members are heard -- sung entirely in English, and was released last week. It will be part of Steve Aoki's upcoming Neon Future III album.