iKON Introduces 'Love Scenario' & 'Return' Album: Watch this Billboard Exclusive

A quiet 2017 saw Korean boy band iKON only release a handful of songs, but the group is kick-starting the new year in a big way.

Coming back with their Return album on Jan. 25, the septet’s second LP has won them a lot of love from fans around the globe and landed iKON at No. 4 on the Feb. 10 World Albums chart. Fronted by the single “Love Scenario," a breezy breakup song that flits between rhythms and instrumentals as the lyrics describe someone getting over a relationship, the album takes a laid-back, relatively stripped-down approach, blending their powerful hip-hop leanings with soft instrumentals, jazzy rock and sleek EDM beats.

As an exploration of the band’s sound, the 12-track LP is a bit of a mellowed-out divergence from their more recent, boisterous singles, but it doesn’t do away with their distinct style, largely due to B.I -- the only iKON member with a solo track on the album -- serving as co-writer throughout the album; Bobby, who released the standout Love and Fall album last year, joined in as a co-lyricist on many tracks. The groovy dance vibe of songs like “Beautiful,” the Psy-penned "Everything" and ”Love Me,” and the swaggering hip-hop of "Sinosijak" and B.I’s “One and Only” recall their previous sonic image, while tracks like the sentimental “Long Time No See” and the Tablo-crafted “Hug Me” prominently showcase the band’s vocals, particularly DK’s falsetto. 

In the exclusive video above, the members of iKON introduce their new album in English and sing a little bit of their single “Love Scenario,” which has been sitting atop South Korean music charts since it was released. Take a watch now.