Suzy Goes on a Breezy 'Holiday' in New Music Video: Watch

Suzy Holiday
Courtesy Photo

Suzy featuring DPR Live, "Holiday"

Korean singer and actress Bae Suzy released her Faces of Love EP on Monday (Jan. 29) and went on a breezy "Holiday" in her latest song.

An ambient, jazzy mid-tempo pop ballad, “Holiday” is Suzy’s second single of the year, following the album’s pre-release “I’m in Love With Someone Else.” Faces of Love is the former miss A member’s second solo album, following last year’s Yes? No?  

“Holiday” features rising Korean rapper DPR LIVE, who will perform for the first time Stateside at this year's Korea Spotlight event at SXSW in March.

The music video for the relaxing "Holiday" is a travelogue-style feature, showing Suzy singing about how her love is like a "resting place" or titular vacation-like setting. Exploring a variety of tropical locations while wearing retro-infused outfits that capture the glamour of yesteryear, the music video plays up Suzy's career as an actress and one of South Korea's most popular ad models. Overall, it appears a lot like a magazine photo shoot with all focus on the star.

The album features a total of seven songs, including a handful that Suzy co-wrote, such as the playful "SObeR," the folksy "Bxatxh" and the mellow "Sleeplessness."

Suzy rose to fame as a member of the now-disbanded Korean girl group miss A and swiftly became a popular actress and model in South Korea. She embarked as a soloist last year, and her debut EP Yes? No? debuted on the World Albums chart at No. 15.

Watch the music video for “Holiday” below: