Steve Aoki Teasing Upcoming BTS Collabs in 2018

The partnership between Steve Aoki  and Korean boy band BTS  began with “Mic Drop (Remix),” but that's just the start. In a recent interview, Aoki confirmed there is more in the works between himself and the septet. 

While appearing on Trending Live, the EDM producer told the hosts that his November remix version of BTS’ song, which featured Desiigner, isn’t going to be his last project with the group, teasing some works for this year.

“That was the start,” said Aoki, referring to “Mic Drop (Remix).” “And now we got some new music coming out for 2018! That’s exciting as well! So we got this remix to put out there, but now we have some more original music as well!”

Aoki also called the band “great guys” and opted out of choosing a favorite member, by praising the group members as “all really good guys.”

Watch the interview here: