Jonghyun's Life and Career Remembered in 'Before Our Spring' Music Video: Watch

AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

Just a day after releasing his final album Poet | Artist, SM Entertainment shared a music video for Jonghyun’s “Before Our Spring,” the final track on the album.

Featuring footage from throughout the K-pop star’s career, the music video for “Before Our Spring” serves as a four-minute memorial to the artist as it shows clips of him performing, working and having fun. The touching tribute showcases a variety of periods throughout the decade-long career of Jonghyun, exploring his talents as a soloist and as a member of the boy band SHINee.

The video opens with a clip of Jonghyun cheerfully explaining that he’s prepared his music thoughtfully, and saying farewell to the audience.

“I worked hard on it and will finish it well,” he is seen saying. “I'll see you in good health next time. Goodbye."

The video for the ballad “Before Our Spring” is the second associated with Jonghyun’s final release, coming just a day after “Shinin’.” Poet | Artist was released a little over a month since the passing of the star, who died by suicide at the age of 27 in December. 

Watch the video for “Before Our Spring” below: