BBC Radio 1 Spotlights BTS: 'Most Definitely Not Just Any Group'

Courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment 


K-pop boy band BTS recently sat down with BBC Radio1 for an interview where they discussed their group dynamics and career.

Following the act’s success on charts on both sides of the pond, Adele Roberts of BBC Radio1’s The Early Breakfast Show visited Seoul with her team to meet with the Korean septet and their choreography. The trip came about after Roberts played one of BTS’ songs on her show, which resulted in an immense response from BTS’ fans. “I'd never witnessed anything like it,” she said. “This was not just any record, and BTS were most definitely not just any group."    

In the quick clip, BBC Radio1 and Roberts introduce BTS’ members and their career successes, including breaking into the top tiers of both the Billboard 200 and the Hot 100 charts; they also give a quick explainer of K-pop as a whole.

After sitting down with BTS’ choreographer, who picked J-Hope as the band’s best dancer and described the act’s music videos as being integral to their success, Roberts met with BTS. The group recounted their formation and dealing with fame, their BBMAs and AMAs appearances, discussed wanting to visit London, and explained some of the process of putting out a new album, which includes taking a month off to focus on nothing other than the new performances and songs they’ll have to perform.

"When we're getting ready for our album, we move all of the schedules for a month, for only this album. And we just spend [it] practicing and working for the music," said RM.

BBC Radio1 specifically took the time to highlight BTS' popularity on social media platforms, and Suga described the group as being "lucky" for being born at the right time, explaining that without social media the group "wouldn't have been so succesful." With over 12 million followers on Twitter, BTS is the most-followed Korean account on the platform, and the group was the most talked about artist on Twitter in 2017.  

The video ended with BTS video-calling with a Scottish fan named Stephanie, who had been inspired by the band to move to move to South Korea.

Watch the video here: