Chungha Goes For a Ride on New Single 'Roller Coaster': Listen

CHUNG HA, "Roller Coaster"
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CHUNG HA, "Roller Coaster"

Korean soloist Chungha returned on Wednesday (Jan. 17) with the ‘90s-inspired dance track “Roller Coaster.”

The electropop song is the lead single off of Chungha’s Offset EP, and incorporates alt-R&B and groovy strings to propel the singer’s breathy vocals. The song reflects on the emotions of a relationship, with the 21-year-old comparing the ups and downs of romance to the titular “Roller Coaster” ride.

The music video for “Roller Coaster” bounces between multiple versions of Chungha as a representation of the song’s meaning, alternating between a wide-eyed, sweater-wearing innocent to an early ‘00s-inspired dancing queen and day-glo hued club dancer. As far as K-pop music videos go, it's a bit basic and overpowers with the vibrant aesthetics, but by choosing to forgo an intense plot "Roller Coaster" puts Chungha's sensuous dancing front and center.

Born Kim Chungha, the K-pop star rose to prominence through the first season of Produce 101 back in 2016 and became a member of the temporary, but extremely popular, girl group I.O.I. Following the group’s breakup last year, Chungha became one of South Korea’s most popular vocalists after the breakout success of her hit “Why Don’t You Know” featuring the rapper Nucksal.

2018 is expected to be similarly successful for Chungha, and “Roller Coaster” is starting things off right.

Watch the music video for the single here: