NCT U Returns With 'Timeless' Video

NCT, "Timeless"
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NCT, "Timeless"

Two years since their formation, the first of three NCT groups returned on Friday (Jan. 12) with their sentimental new song “Timeless.”

Sung by Jaehyun, Doyoung and Taeil, three members of SM Entertainment’s extensive NCT project and participants in both NCT U and NCT 127, "Timeless" is the first new song under the NCT U title since 2016’s “Without You,” performed by the same trio, and “The 7th Sense” were released.

Seated in a darkly lit, terrarium-like structure, the music video features a live performance by the three men as they soulfully sing the piano-laced ballad.

NCT, or Neo Culture Technology, is an extensive boy band project from SM Entertainment, the label behind acts like EXO, Red Velvet, SHINee and many other popular K-pop artists. With a limitless amount of groups and members under the NCT label, the experiment began in 2016 with NCT U and has since delivered NCT 127, a Seoul-based nine-member team, and NCT Dream, a six- or seven-member group featuring youthful music sung by teenagers.

“Timeless” is one of several tracks released by NCT teams or members through SM Station, SM Entertainment’s weekly release project. It is the first Station track to feature the NCT U and NCT 127 vocalists as a solo unit.  

Watch the music video for the song here: